The Pokemon Company ramps up TCG production amid ‘phenomenal demand’ and sell-out success – ToyNews

The Pokemon Company has stated that it is ramping up printing for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, following a surge in demand that has seen product sell-out across some of its newer launches.

A statement issued to fans via its official website confirms that the Pokemon Company is “actively working to print more of the impacted Pokemon TCG products as quickly as possible and at maximum capacity to support the increased demand.”

A mix of global shipping constraints and a surge in demand – likely driven by the pandemic and an increase in hobbyist market audiences over recent years – have led to what the company has acknowledged as ‘difficulties purchasing curtain Pokemon Trading Card Game products.’

The company has stated that “reprinted products are expected to be available at retailers as soon as possible.”

The statement continued: “For new Pokemon TCG expansions launching in the future, we are maximising production to increase product availability upon release, and we will continue to reprint the products to replenish stock at retailers as soon as possible.”

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Pokemon and its Trading Card Game is experiencing a current resurgence in popularity among gaming communities. UK distributors for the TCG range, Asmodee, has already heralded 2021 as a key year for the game, building on the momentum and popularity it experienced over the course of 2020.

Duncan O’Conner, owner of the Bus Stop Toy Shop, has been selling Pokemon Trading Card Game cards and running Pokemon tournaments for almost 15 years, and ten years ago became an official Pokemon League location.

As such, O’Conner has witnessed the brand pass from player to player, noting that it is “frequently the store’s number one selling product.”

“Pokemon as a brand captures the imagination and allows pure escapism,” he says. “The nature of the trading card game means that it constantly evolves with every set of cards that are released, so there’s always something new to keep the interest alive. That’s what keeps players playing year after year.”

While the pandemic has brought the physical Pokemon Trading Card Game events to a “grinding halt”, the collectability of the cards has never been higher. The resurgence has even prompted the emergence of a new type of trading card buyer.

“Some have, quite rightly, pointed out that for more than a decade now, Pokemon cards have been a better investment than stiocls and shares and so there are now a growing number of people investing in collections,” said O’Conner.

“Meanwhile, the secondary market for cards has simply exploded.”

With collectability still driving sales, despite the lack of physical events taking place, and with the launch of 25th anniversary special set – Shining Fates – well underway, O’Conner believes that Pokemon is set to firmly establish 2021 as a “phenomenal year” for the brand.

“I just can’t see it being any other way for them,” he concluded.

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