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Pollock’s Toy Museum, the oldest Toy Museum in the UK and small toy shop operating out of London’s Scala Street, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to rescue it from permanent closure.

Country-wide lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures have forced the doors shut on the almost 200 year old toy museum for most of the past year. Reliant on income generated by visitors to the museum and its small shop, the measures have seen Pollock’s Toy Museum lose some £15,000 in income over the year.

“Therefore, our first target on this crowdfunder aims to recoup this loss,” said the team via its support page at Crowdfunder.co.uk.

“We have had to furlough our small staff and we are struggling to pay our bills, We are concerned that our overheads will go up (the return of business rates and staff coming off furlough) before healthy footfall returns.

“This amount will help us stay open for the next year until things stabilise after the pandemic.”

Dating back to the 1850s when the printer Benjamin Pollock created printed toy theatres, a hallmark of the Pollock’s name, the Toy Museum has managed to avert immediate danger by raising an initial £15,000 via the crowdfunding site.

The team has since opened up a stretch goal for the museum in the hope of ‘securing a future for the business and what the museum has to offer visitors’ as the country continues to face uncertainty around lockdown easing and a return to normality.

“All money raised with our stretch target will go into securing the buildings and making sure we can keep our doors open even if we have low visitor numbers or have to limit numbers for social distancing,” the team said.

“We also have a long term aim to build a public programme of events and opening our print studio for open-access use and educational, printmaking workshops.”

With 21 days left on the campaign, Pollock’s Toy Museum has so far raided just over £17,000.

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