Children’s charity London Play searches for retailers for its Play 52 fund-raising card game – ToyNews

The children’s charity, London Play is calling on stockists and retailers to help get its range of Play 52 playing cards into the hands of consumers and raise money to support disadvantaged children around London.

Over the last six months, the UK charity has developed and launched a range of playing cards featuring creative play ideas for children lacking interaction and enjoyment as they face down the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Devised by the team at London Play, Play 52 has been endorsed by the Worshipful Company of the Makers of Playing Cards.

Games included in the pack of Play 52 cards range from encouraging children to imagine they have a remote control for their grandparents, while another challenges them to become blindfolded make-up artists. SOme games can be played over the phone or on a video call with family and friends.

The cards are available in two versions: the original Play 52 and a winter-themed pack. Retailing at £4.99 a pack, Play 52 aims to bring fun to children living in difficult circumstances in London. All profits go to London Play, the charity  working to make London childhoods better and brighter. 

“It’s been great seeing these packs develop in the last year and having a perfect vehicle for the creativity within the team. It’s a great product and they have sold well on our website in the last six months,” Paul Hocker, director of London Play, told ToyNews.

“We have more incredible themes and ideas for future packs in the pipeline but we need help from a retailer to get these unique packs of play out to the wider world and generate more funds for our much needed charity work, helping children in need through a play product like no other.”

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