Canal Toys launches Studio_Creator 2 Video Maker Kit with TikTok stars Brent and Lexi Rivera – ToyNews

Canal Toys has marked the launch of its new Studio_Creator 2 Video Maker Kit by partnering with the TikTok creators Brent and Lexi Rivera to reach Brent’s 37 million social media followers.

The new kit has been developed to include everything kids need to be like their favourite influencers, including a ring light and green screen that will transform any space into a custom studio for kids to get creative with digital content.

The launch follows a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll revealed that nearly one third of both US and UK kids aspire to be YouTubers or Vloggers. A similar study from the UK company, First Choice, showed that YouTube/Vlogger is not only the most selected career choice, but also discovered that the main reason for thi goal was creative expression.

Brent Rivera is a popular 23-year-old content creator with an online following across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms.

“We’re excited to include Brent and Lexi Rivera in our Studio_Creator 2 campaign. They embody everything the Studio_Creator 2 is all about – getting creative, having fun, and making original digital content,” said Bill Uzell, president and CEO of Canal Toys.

The launch of the Studio_Creator 2 follows the successful launch of the original Studio_Creator Video Maker Kit released in July 2020. The original kit resulted in record sales for the company, with over 100,000 kits sold out at retailers nationwide.

The version two will include improved features such as a larger tripod, larger green screen, and more LED light functions. The company is also releasing a new extended line including a mini selfie light, a music speaker, and a digital trend themed board game available for Spring 2021.

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