Bandai teams with Sanrio to launch Hello Kitty Tamagotchi – ToyNews

Bandai UK’s Tamagotchi is joining forces with the ever-popular Hello Kitty to allow users to enlist the help of the iconic Sanrio character to raise and nurture their digital pets. ‘It’s everything that is familiar to people who have played with Bandai’s virtual pet gadgets,’ says the firm, ‘but with added cuteness of Hello Kitty.’

The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi comes in two different shell styles – Hello Kitty and Favourite Things. The white shell is with Hello Kitty’s red bow and whiskers, and the red shell features Hello Kitty’s Favourite Things.

Owners can raise their Tamagotchi from egg to baby to adult, feeding them treats like apple pie and milk, and getting Hello Kitty to clean up the mess that Joey – her best friend – makes in the Tamagotchi character’s space.

There are seven adult characters and how each user rears their pet will determine which adult they end up with. For particularly good parenting skills, users could even be rewarded with one of the surprise characters.

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi features two fun mini games – Piano Game and Balloon Game – as an added bonus and is suitable for kids aged eight and upwards.

Brand manager, Priya Jadeja, said “Tamagotchi has been an incredible brand for Bandai for over two decades and we’ve had many collaborations within that time period. Like Tamagotchi, Hello Kitty is a universally loved brand and we can’t wait to see the fan’s reactions.”

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